meeting times

Here's the thing about college, there's a lot going on. You have classes to attend, papers to write, tests to study for, and then have to find some way to eat occasionally. Some of you have relationships, jobs, and goldfish to take care of as well. Considering all of the above, we want to make it simple to join others on the same journey.

1906 NW 27th TERR
Gainesville, FL 32605



One of the phrases we repeat a lot is that we exist to help people discover family in Christ. If you simplify all of our values down, essentially our focus is all about your story. If you want to experience our church join us on any Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00. While we love new guests, it's hard to get to know you and hear your story during the craziness that is Sunday around here. Drop us a text @ 352-415-9474 with your name and when it's convenient for us to come out and bring you some coffee. We drink a lot of coffee around here if you haven't picked up on that yet.



So, let's say there is no way you'll be able to squeeze another hour out of your week. Or, maybe you've somehow been given six tests in one week but only have three classes. We're not sure how that works but we're informed that it happens. We still want to engage with you so drop us a note with this form below. Just need your phone and a brief note. We will pray, send you some encouragement, and you might find us delivering pizza or coffee to you.