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Backpacks and More

We polled a few teachers of Terwilliger Elementary and asked, "what supplies do the students need most?" One of the challenges their students face, not having the funds or resources to get backpacks. Imagine being a child, arriving to school your first day, and not having a backpack. This is what we want to do, gather 200 backpacks for students around our community by August 13th.

But we aren't stopping there, we are going to fill those backpacks with every imaginable supply the kids receiving those packs might need. Grab friends, pick your favorite store, purchase as many backpacks as you are able, fill them up, drop them off in our lobby. Grab a guide here, remember we want 200 backpacks filled by August 13th. Let's help an entire school understand we are for them, for their families, and all about doing good to help people discover family in Christ.


Family foundations

A small group where we explain the why, what, and how about church in general and more specifically about our church's mission. We cover the some of the nuts and bolts behind TFC’s statement of Faith, what growing faith looks like, how to best connect personal talents to building a stronger community. In short, Foundations represents the first step for getting to know our church. Email Melissa Irwin ( if you have questions. 



The Leadership Development at TFC is a nine-month mentoring process to prepare individuals for leadership in ministry and small group roles. Leadership Development focuses on commissioning individuals into Biblically-based disciple-makers, provides healthy accountability, encouragement, prayer and mentoring. Please complete the application below to be a part of our next Leadership Development group. Groups start at the end of summer each year.



Main Services: 9:30am & 11:00am
Kids Ministry: 9:30am & 11:00am
Middle School: 9:30am

Ways to Connect: Check out our website, email us, call us (352) 332-6459 or go to our Facebook site for info and updates about The Family Church. Search The Family Church and “LIKE” us! Leave a comment or share something with us-prayer requests; praise reports; what God is showing you….we would love to hear from you.



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