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our focus points

Mission is a big word and can mean a wide variety of things. As we serve this huge, audacious, amazing God we believe that our efforts to meet the needs of others must reflect taking big steps for our community. We listed a few of our focus points below, consider joining us in our community efforts.

  1. A Local International Focus  - Jesus came to set us free, we follow His example. People all over the world experience crushing oppression, restricted freedoms, and destruction of their lives,  Through the University of Florida, our community experiences many of these individuals flowing through our local area. Our church hosts a number international students and professors whose home countries restrict religious freedoms. We refuse to let these lives become marginalized or never hear about the ultimate source of freedom. 
  2. Children at Risk/Vulnerable Children  - We like to say that we exist to help all people discover family in Christ and one of the strongest methods for living out this statement is caring for vulnerable kids.  Both next door and across the globe, kids exist in desperate situations with unimaginable hardships. Our efforts support encouraging meeting the needs of kids, foster families, and adoptive families.
  3. University Campus Ministry - What does it look like for us to care for the college-aged students, the most unreached generation in American history? This includes outreach to specific affinity groups like international friendship, athletes in action, CRU, and Navigators

local partners

Our partnership with local specialized ministries helps us to reach and serve the community in a meaningful and sustainable way.

  • Bread of the Mighty Food Bank – alleviating hunger in North-central Florida
  • House of Hope – prison transitional ministry in Alachua County
  • SIRA (formerly Women’s Resource & Medical Clinic) – crisis pregnancy resource.
  • Foster Florida - a group of families supporting, fostering, and resourcing the needs of children without stable home environments
  • Thrive - a group focused on developing parents who want to provide a permanent home for children in adoption community 

missionary & ministry partnerships

Our domestic and international missionary partners connect with different affinity groups. TFC Missions is extending our impact for Christ, in our areas of ministry focus, from the University of Florida to the ends of the earth.

  • Chris & Dora Barbee, The Mission Society – THAILAND
  • Kingspride & Priscilla Hammond, Alabaster Project Ministries – GHANA
  • Hope for Today – INDIA
  • I.N.I.M. – INDIA
  • Bob & Noby Kennell, New Tribes Mission – THAILAND
  • Mike & Laura Lothers, Wycliffe Bible Translators – South Carolina
  • Mission Possible – HAITI
  • Jeff & Kem Moody – Frontier Ventures – Gainesville, FL
  • Ben & Melissa Nugent – The Navigators,
  • Paul & Dori Pittman, United World Mission – CUBA partnership
  • Kevin & Stephanie Sides – Cru – Athletes in Action, serving at UF
  • Toby Sorrels – International Friendship, serving at UF
  • Don & JoAnn, Wycliffe Associates – Gainesville, FL (restricted access countries)
  • David & Sarah vanOrman, Planters Seed Foundation – ALBANIA
  • Allen & Olesya Williams – Cru, serving at UF
  • Travis & Lauren Young, Cru – IRELAND