• Goal of Position: The Staging Lead works with the volunteer team to assist artists and speakers, execute all theatrical stage moves, and assist the Production Lead with any other production needs during services. 
  • Responsible To: Production Lead
  • Ministry Description: Produce the best possible atmosphere for people leaning closer to relationship with Christ through supporting the staging elements, people on stage, and needs that will help deliver a fantastic music and message as well as teaching and discipling the staging hosts.
  • Time Requested: 3 Hours during the week scheduled, 1 hour per week scheduling people and training
  • Training Provided: One-on-One mentoring by Production Lead, Online Classes, Outside Experts, Conferences as appropriate
  • Qualifications: Love of making things better, a love of people, a knowledge of color or art, and a love of listening to music is a plus. Leadership both organizational and creative that encourages each volunteer to understand how they help people discover family in Christ. Attending Leadership Development when available


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